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Your Rights Matter

As a citizen of Montana, you have rights. When those rights are violated, you expect to be compensated for any financial hardships that may arise. Unfortunately, most people aren’t fully compensated. With our help, you can find justice if you were the victim of:

Automobile Accident

Most settlements offered by the insurance company are not enough to compensate you.

Workers' Compensation

If you're injured on the job, you shouldn't have to worry if you will be able to make your next house payment.

Construction Accidents

Montana is ranked in the top five, among all the states, for construction accident injuries and deaths.

Faulty Construction

You put trust in your contractor to do the job correctly. When they fail, you shouldn't
be liable.

Personal Injury/ Wrongful Death

One of our rights is to live life without fear of death or injury from another. We hold the offending party accountable when your rights are violated.

Elder Abuse/ Facility Negligence

As our population ages, they enter nursing facilities. What happens when your loved one isn't treated fairly?

Insurance Bad Faith

The insurance company has to follow guidelines. When they don't, you have the right to push back legally.

Other Areas

If your rights have been violated, get in touch to see how we can help you get justice!

Why Tourtlotte Law Firm?

Matt Tourtlotte has over 20 years of experience working for insurance companies. With this exclusive behind the scenes knowledge, he can fight for your rights as the consumer by staying one step ahead of the insurance companies by:

  • Understanding how they evaluate your claim
  • Knowing how they will investigate your claim
  • Discerning the methods they use to pay you less than you deserve

Because Matt has seen how these claims work from both sides, he can use the experience to help you find coverage where none previously existed, or where the insurance company is trying to get away with providing only part of the coverage available.

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Matt's knowledge of insurance forced my insurance company to deal with my claim fairly and helped me get the money I deserved.


I called Matt when I needed help. He gave me the representation I needed when dealing with the insurance company.


I called Matt when I needed help. He was available to answer all of my questions and got me the result I was hoping for.


Matt represented me in my automobile accident claim and helped me when I had no place else to turn.


Matt Tourtlotte represented me in a work place harassment case. He obtained a settlement for me that changed my life.


Tourtlotte Law Firm Defends Your Rights

If you have been injured, harassed, or taken advantage of, then you need Tourtlotte Law Firm on your side. We have an extensive history of fighting for the rights of our clients; they receive the compensation that they deserve.

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