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In 2015, across the US, there were 6.2 million motor vehicle accidents reported to the police. The insurance companies and their teams of lawyers work tirelessly to pay the least amount possible on these claims. Often times, people are left without appropriate compensation. Many times, the insurance company will refuse to pay medical bills, lost wages, or other damages they are required to pay under Montana law.


If you are the victim of a crash, you don’t have to accept the insurance company’s initial settlement offer!

Too often, crashes result in settlements that don’t cover all the needs of those who have been injured. Victims of auto accidents are entitled to payment of their medical expenses, payment of lost wages, and often, may receive advance payments for in home care, advance payments for surgical costs, and other expensive accident related damages.

Sometimes insurance companies seek to pay less than they are required to pay under Montana law. Under certain circumstances, insurance companies are required to stack limits of insurance, allowing for recoveries that exceed what the insurance company was originally willing to pay. Auto accidents involving complex issues like stacked insurance coverage, medical liens, and multi-party liability require the assistance of an experienced attorney. Before you sign anything or accept any offer from the insurance company, be sure you are getting all you deserve. Get in touch with Tourtlotte Law Firm by calling 406-294-3400.

Automobile Accidents Are Complicated

After you have been involved in a car accident, the at-fault driver’s insurance company may try to reach out to you and offer an early settlement. These insurance companies employ teams of ‘panel counsel’ lawyers and slick claim adjusters who are highly skilled at negotiating settlements that are only the bare minimum of what the insurance company should have to pay. These teams of professional negotiators are counting on the fact that you may not be fully aware of your rights under Montana insurance laws. Matt Tourtlotte has the experience and skill to stand up for your rights.

In 2016, there was a major head on collision here in Billings. Our client suffered from a major catastrophic brain injury. The accident and resulting injuries had severely diminished our client’s quality of life and put her future and her family’s future at risk. The initial settlement offered by the insurance company was less than $300,000, an amount that wasn’t nearly enough to cover a fraction of the cost of our client’s medical care, pain and suffering, lost wages, in home care, permanent disability, and other accident related damages.

When our client reached out for help, Tourtlotte Law Firm was able to stack multiple levels of insurance coverage under policies that the insurance company had not considered or made available. Rather than a few hundred thousand dollars, Tourtlotte Law Firm obtained a seven figure recovery for the client that was more than five times what the insurance company had originally considered paying during the early negotiations. Without enlisting the help of Tourtlotte Law Firm, this client would have recouped less than 20% of what they actually deserved.

Experience Matters

Matt Tourtlotte has the experience to understand the insurance company’s games. He spent fifteen years working with insurance companies and defending insurance companies sued in ‘bad faith’ lawsuits. Matt’s years of experience have resulted in a deep and unique understanding of how insurance companies value claims, the settlement tactics they employ, and the tricks they use to pay less value than they actually owe.

Recently, a client called seeking help after an insurance company had agreed to settle an auto accident claim involving multiple vehicles. Because of the multiple parties involved in the accident, the client was told that she could only expecting to receive a fraction of the $300,000.00 settlement that the insurance company was offering. When Matt Tourtlotte appeared for his client in the U.S. District Court, he was able to obtain her a favorable allocation of the settlement funds. Several weeks later, Tourtlotte Law Firm, after investigating other available insurance coverage, made a separate claim on the client’s behalf which ultimately resulted in the insurance company paying more than $750,000.00 to the injured client, after Matt Tourtlotte successfully argued for stacked underinsured motorist coverage. Without Matt’s understanding of insurance coverage, the stacked insurance coverage would not have been offered to the client and she would have received less than 15% of the recovery that she was originally offered.

Car accidents like the one described here happen every single day. If you have been the victim of a car crash, you have rights and you don’t have to settle for less than you deserve. Call us at 406-294-3400 to schedule your free consultation with Matt Tourtlotte.

Semi-Truck Accidents

On any given day there are 5.5 million trucks on the U.S. highways and roadways. An accident involving a semi-truck, bus, or another type of large commercial vehicle (LCV), can be catastrophic. Individuals who are involved in these types of accidents face life-altering injuries, catastrophic injuries, and even death. As our roadways continue to become more crowded, the risk of these types of accidents continues to rise. Last year hundreds of motorists in Montana were injured in accidents involving semi-trucks or large commercial vehicles. Injuries from these types of accidents are typically more severe and extensive, requiring more significant and expensive medical care.

Semi-truck accidents and LCV accidents can occur in a variety of situations. These accidents often occur on the open highway where speed, road conditions, driver fatigue, and driver negligence may be at issue. Semi-truck accidents can also occur in town, at traffic lights, intersections, and other high traffic areas.

Accidents that are the result of driver negligence may also be the result of negligent hiring, supervision and retention policies. The trucking industry is experiencing tremendous growth. Qualified drivers are in high demand. Background checks, verified driving records, assurance of proper licensing, route and driver log monitoring, and other safety checks are the responsibility of the trucking company.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, getting the help you need can be extremely difficult and confusing. Hiring an experienced attorney like Matt Tourtlotte can help you know and understand your rights. We have the experience you need and a team you can trust. Before negotiating with a semi truck insurance company, call Tourtlotte Law Firm at 406-294-3400; we will fight for a settlement that fully compensates you for your loss.

Motorcycle Accidents

Montana experiences several months of perfect motorcycle weather. Because motorcycles are smaller than vehicles, many motorists fail to see them on the roadways. Low visibility and inattentive driving can result in catastrophic car vs. motorcycle collisions. If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident, you need to have a motorcycle accident attorney from Billings, Montana fight for your rights. Insurance companies often try to blame the biker for the accident, even when you were not at fault.

Motorcycle insurance coverage may be different than the auto coverage available on your policy. To better understand the coverage available, you need to consult with an experienced attorney like Matt Tourtlotte. Call Tourtlotte Law Firm at 406-294-3400 for your free consultation to see how we will be able to get you the settlement that you deserve.

Matt Tourtlotte

Accident Attorney in Billings, Montana

Matt Tourtlotte and Tourtlotte Law Firm strive to help people who are injured in accidents. Matt understands insurance coverage. He understands how insurance companies value and defend auto, truck, and motorcycle claims. Matt will stand up to the insurance company for you. He will fight for your rights and the compensation you deserve.

The Tourtlotte Law Firm has successfully represented clients in serious accident claims across the state of Montana. Matt has fought for his clients in the State and Federal Courts of our state and he has achieved results that far exceed his client’s expectations.

If you have been in a car accident, a semi-truck accident, a motorcycle accident, get in touch with the best accident attorney in Billings.

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