Fighting Bozeman Elderly Abuse And Neglect With Family Lawyers

elderly abuse lawyer bozeman, elderly neglect lawyer bozeman, elderly abuse attorney bozemanThe holiday season is the time many people get to see extended family members that they don’t get to see on a regular basis. While COVID-19 is limiting how we get to visit our parents and grandparents who live in long-term care facilities, we can still be advocates for the elderly by making sure to screen them for elderly abuse or neglect.

At Tourtlotte Law Firm, we are committed to finding justice for the vulnerable who have been victims of elderly abuse and neglect in nursing homes and in their own homes. Whether a senior has been subjected to abuse by staff in a facility or by an in-home care provider, the seriousness should not be ignored or let go of.

Fighting Elderly Abuse & Neglect With A Family Law Attorney In Bozeman

The professionals at Tourtlotte Law Firm have helped residents of Bozeman and nearby communities protect the rights of the elderly who have been abused and taken advantage of. As their family members, you have a responsibility to screen your loved ones and report any signs of abuse or neglect.

With COVID-19 making in-person visits more difficult, there need to be alternative ways to screen your loved ones. If you are unable to meet in-person, be sure to set up a video chat where you can see them. You don’t have to let them know that you are screening them ? ask to see their Christmas tree and/or decorations or just let them know that you miss seeing them smile.

What To Look For

There are common signs of abuse among the elderly who being victimized and neglected. Here are some of the things to pay attention to and watch for.

  • Poor hygiene and self-care – Don’t just look for it, listen for it. Do they talk about sleeping in dirty sheets or not getting help in the bathroom? Do they bring up laundry, showering, brushing teeth, seeing a doctor/dentist, etc? They may not say anything outright but they may offer information in subtle conversation.
  • Open wounds and welts ? Some injuries may show up without a reason. Burns, wounds, and welts are the more common types of wounds that may appear. Bedsores are another one. Open sores and rashes that should be contained are indications of neglect.
  • Use of restraints ? Listen to your loved one’s words. Being restrained is a common type of abuse among the elderly. They could be restrained physically by the force of another person, tied down, locked in a room, or handcuffed to an area. Bring up some conversation about freedom and making decisions on their own. See how they respond.
  • Torn or dirty clothing or clothing that does not fit ? Signs of neglect will often show up in your loved ones’ physical appearance. Do they mention having ripped socks or underwear? Are they dressed warm enough or too warm? Are their clothes being washed and changed often?
  • Water, food and medications ? Abusers will often withhold the things that their victims need like water, food and medication. They may also over-medicate the victim. Look for discrepancies with the medication and ask your loved ones how their medications are working or make them feel. Are they getting enough to eat and getting water? Do they feel dehydrated?
  • Behavioral changes ? If your loved one suddenly seems more emotional than usual or paranoid ? they could be expressing fear from abuse.
  • Physical changes – Sudden weight-loss, malnutrition and dehydration can all be signs of neglect.

Since physical abuse is only one way that abusers hurt the elderly, it is important to pay attention to signs of abuse. It can be difficult to acknowledge that someone you love is being made to suffer at the hands of those who are supposed to care for them. That is why it is so important to watch for the signs and take immediate legal action when you see them.

Don’t wait when you suspect elderly abuse ? In Bozeman, the professionals at Tourtlotte Law can help you now!