Dog Bite Laws: What Every Owner Needs To Know

dog bite lawyer missoula, dog bite attorneys missoula, dog attack lawyer missoulaWhen you think about getting a puppy, you imagine all of the fun that comes to your home, how much your kids are going to love it, and all the energy a dog has! You know that you have to groom them, feed them, walk them, and love them. You want to be the best dog owner, so you buy a puppy bed and toys and make sure your yard is safeguarded so that your dog doesn’t get hurt or run away. You know that you are responsible for your dog’s well-being ? but you also need to know that you are responsible if your dog bites another person. In Missoula, there are laws that protect people when a dog has bitten and injured them. To be a responsible dog owner, you also need to know the legal ramifications that come from a dog bite.

Dog bites are not uncommon and happen more often to children than adults. Each year, an estimated 4.5 million people are bit by dogs. While the laws vary from place to place, the victim is more than likely entitled to a compensation for?recovering damages.

Protect Yourself From A Dog Bite Lawsuit In Missoula

To make sure you are not legally responsible for your dog biting another person, be sure to follow these rules.

  • Keep your dog leashed when on outings and not roaming independently outside of your home or property. If your dog escapes your property and is wondering on its own, you are responsible for any injuries that result from your dog biting someone.
  • If you are aware of your dog biting another person, even once, previously ? you are obligated to share that information.
  • If you know that your dog can be vicious or is nervous around other people, it is your responsibility to keep the dog away from others. Your negligence can result in legal issues if your dog attacks someone.
  • If your dog is in the care of another person, that person must be made aware of the dog’s nature and is responsible for keeping the dog away from others.

What You Need To Know

Victims of dog bits have every right to file personal injury lawsuits following a bite or an attack by a dog. If you are found to be negligent in the care of your dog and keeping others safe from him, you will be held accountable for the incident. In a court of law, if you are found to responsible for the bite or attack, you will be responsible for the medical expenses and other losses incurred by the victim. You will also be found responsible for legal expenses incurred because of the attack.?

Missoula Dog Bite Attorneys

If you find yourself facing a lawsuit due to a bite or an attack made by your dog, you have the right to professional representation. Contact the professionals at Tourtlotte Law in Missoula. We understand the rights and legal ramifications that happen when a dog bites a person. We will work hard to understand the exact events of the situation to make sure that you are represented fairly and to reach the most favorable outcome.