Don’t Get Denied For Automobile Accident Claims – Call A Lawyer

automobile accident lawyer bozeman, car accident lawyer bozemanAutomobile accident claims are often denied, a surprising lesson that insureds learn after a car accident.

Unfortunately, even if an automobile accident is not your fault, you can be left with thousands of dollars worth of medical bills, lost wages, and physical injuries that can inhibit your ability to work. You can avoid the hassle of appealing an automobile injury claim by working with an experienced automobile accident lawyer like Tourtlotte Law before you put your claim through. Always protect yourself by lawyering up with the best, most experienced professionals in Bozeman.

4 Reasons Most Bozeman Automobile Accident Insurance Claims Are Denied

Insurance claims for car accidents are denied for a number of reasons. Most are avoidable if you take the necessary steps by retaining a lawyer who specializes in automobile accidents.

  1. Paper Work Errors – The paperwork involved in filing an auto injury claim with your insurance company is complex. Mistakes in the paperwork are one of the many reasons that denials happen. That’s because the steps that you need to take before and after the claim is filed are mandatory. Consulting with an automobile injury lawyer can help you avoid errors significantly. Your lawyer will help you make sure you take the steps necessary and can take care of the paperwork so that errors are avoided.
  2. Reporting The Accident – Whenever an accident happens, reporting the accident is key if you want to file an insurance claim. If a report has not been filed, you can easily be dismissed from receiving the compensation that you are entitled to. Insurance companies have specified time frames and deadlines that must be met in order to get your claim approved. For the best outcome, be sure to report your accident and hold on to all documentation and photographs.
  3. Immediate Medical Treatment – Medical treatment must be received immediately following an automobile accident. Claim denial often occurs because an insured did not seek medical attention in the appropriate time frame. This leaves room for the insurance company to argue that injuries could have been sustained after the accident and were not a direct result of the accident. Medical records are fundamental in proving injury and loss of wages – not to mention the cost of medical treatment and required recovery time.
  4. Appropriate Coverage – Your insurance coverage is going to decide what type of benefits you are awarded following an accident. Your policy will clearly state what kind of coverage you are entitled to. One of the reasons that insurance claims are denied is because an individual’s policy doesn’t cover the extent of the damages or because coverage limits have already been used. Be sure to pay close attention to the type of coverage your insurance policy covers and what steps you need to take to be successfully covered for any potential future events. If you aren’t sure what you need, talk to an automobile accident lawyer before choosing your automobile insurance coverage policy.

How To Avoid Insurance Claim Denial

There are circumstances in which car accident claims are not avoidable. Negligent driving, distracted driving, driving under the influence and not following the laws of the road can stop you from receiving insurance benefits. But there are many instances in which you should win your insurance claim. To be safe, follow the steps outline below:

  • Maintain and carefully organize records and documentation of the accident. Make sure the information is detailed. The time of the accident, when the accident was reported, photos of the damage, photos of personal injuries, medical documents and treatment plans, medical bills, recovery plans from your doctor and more can help smooth out the claims process and reach the end faster.
  • Get help immediately. Don’t drive away from the scene of an accident without contacting the police. Make sure the accident is thoroughly documented. Seek medical treatment that day. You may not feel the injuries immediately after an accident, so make sure to get checked out by a doctor and chiropractor. Contact your insurance company so that they have all of the information. Immediate action can help you recover physically and financially faster and will keep you on the right track in winning your insurance claim.
  • Don’t wait to get legal assistance. Consulting with an automobile accident lawyer is essential – and you need to do it right away. A lawyer will help you assess the damages from the accident to determine the type of compensation and the maximum amount you could be awarded.
  • Don’t agree to anything with your insurance company before consulting with an experienced attorney like Tourtlotte Law Firm in Bozeman. Insurance companies might offer a seemingly fair settlement but are not usually settling for the entire amount that you might be entitled to. An experienced attorney can negotiate settlement terms with your insurance company so that you are treated fairly.

Don’t waste any time – you may jeopardize your future. Contact the professional automobile accident lawyers at Tourtlotte Law Firm in Billings today!