5 Common Signs Of Elder Abuse

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Though many people may not be aware, elder abuse is a considerable problem in the United States that often goes unnoticed and unreported. There isn’t a lot of information regarding the extent of the problem, but one study by the Center Of Excellence In Elder Abuse And Neglect indicates that each reported abuse accounts for five that are not reported.

For the victim’s families, suspecting elder abuse or neglect can be very difficult and emotional to process. If you suspect that someone you love is the victim of elder abuse or neglect, contact the professional elder abuse lawyers at Tourtlotte Law for an immediate consultation.

You Are The First Line Of Defense Against Elder Abuse

Because many victims of elder abuse are afraid to report the abuse, the people around them become their most powerful source of protection. To do your part, you need to know the most common signs of elder abuse, what to watch for, and how to take action if your loved ones is showing these signs.

1. Physical Abuse

Physical abuse isn’t the easiest type of elder abuse that seniors experience to cover up. This type of abuse can look like bruises, broken bones, and welts that are unexplained. Caregivers may refuse medication or overdose the patient with drugs. When an elderly person is being physically assaulted, the caregiver often will not allow the victim to spend time alone with anyone else.

2. Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse isn’t as apparent and clear as the signs of physical abuse, but the signs can be spotted if you are paying attention. Watch for:

  • Controlling behavior exhibited by the caregiver
  • Threatening or belittling
  • Signs of depression or withdrawal
  • Mumbling or rocking motions

3. Neglect

Seniors are particularly vulnerable people. Without the ability to care for themselves, they can easily become the victims of neglect. In these circumstances, seniors will exhibit signs of malnourishment and dehydration including weight loss and bedsores. Personal hygiene may be poor. Many neglected individuals are exposed to unsanitary living environments.

4. Financial Abuse

Because of many elderly persons inability to maintain finances, they often require the help of a family member or other caregiver to help them pay bills, purchase personal items, and manage day-to-day finances. Unfortunately, the need for assistance with these matters can also expose them to financial abuse and exploitation. If you are a family member of an elderly senior – pay close attention to their finances to make sure they are not being stolen from.

5. Healthcare Abuse

Caregivers are not the only people who prey on unsespecting seniors. Medical facilities, medical providers, and insurance companies have been known to abuse senior citizens by overbilling, not providing the proper medication or dosages, providing inadequate care, and painfully neglecting the rights of the elderly.

?If You Suspect Elder Abuse

Elder abuse should never go unreported. If you suspect that someone you know is being abused in anyway, it is important to share the information that you have. Many seniors do not have a voice to protect themselves and are suffering terribly at the hands of another.

If your loved one has suffered any type of elder abuse, contact the professional elder abuse lawyers at Tourtlotte Law in Billings to get the help you need today!