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Elder Abuse/Facility Negligence

We Respect our Elders in Montana.

As we age, our minds and bodies often don’t function quite as well as they used to. It’s just something that we have come to expect. Fortunately, there are many professional facilities within our community, providing our aged citizens where with the opportunity to live out their golden years in comfort, with camaraderie, and under the watch of professional care, so we know our loved ones are looked after and taken care of.

Unfortunately, the trust we’ve placed in these facilities is sometimes misplaced and those we care about are given less care, comfort, and companionship than we would expect. In these instances, our loved ones can become the victims of neglect and, unfortunately, even abuse. Under Montana Law, our loved ones, who are residents of these facilities, are vested with a ‘Bill of Rights’ and are the beneficiaries of unequivocal promises that they will be looked after and well taken care of. Nobody deserves abuse and neglect. If someone you love is living in a nursing home or in an assisted living facility, and they have been abused or neglected, contact Tourtlotte Law Firm at 406-294-3400.


What is Elder Abuse and Neglect?

When your loved one moves into a nursing or assisted living facility, there is a promise made by the facility, that your loved one will be looked after and well taken care of. We expect that our loved ones will live in a clean and healthy environment, that they will have a clean bed to sleep in, that they will have access to a clean bathroom, that good and nutritious food will be provided, and that they will have the opportunity to engage in regular social activities. These promises are broken however when the facility fails to provide the comfort, care, and companionship our loved ones deserve.

Promises Should be Kept.

When the promise is broken, abuse and neglect can occur in one or more of the following ways:

Physical Abuse: Physical abuse does not only mean that the care providers are physically hitting your loved one (although that is a form of physical abuse). Physical abuse can take on many other forms. Not turning a resident that is bed ridden and causing bed sores to develop is a form of physical abuse. Not providing clean living facilities is a form of physical abuse. Not providing adequate heat or clothing is physical abuse. Not providing enough liquids or food to our loved ones is a form of physical abuse. Depriving our loved ones of prescribed medication is physical abuse. Any form of rough handling, mishandling, or dropping, is physical abuse. Whenever your elderly loved one’s physical needs aren’t met (no matter what those needs are), then you should be suspecting physical abuse.

Emotional Abuse: Abuse can be physical or emotional. While physical abuse is often apparent and may be relatively easy to identify, emotional abuse is often less apparent and may be better hidden. Just because there are no outward bruises or scars doesn’t mean that the abuse isn’t occurring. If the staff at the nursing or assisted care facility is ignoring, ridiculing or humiliating your loved one, they are abusing them. This is often seen in dementia care units where elders are often ignored, or worse, are taunted, condescended to, or are otherwise treated without dignity and/or respect. Treating our loved ones, as less than human can severely affect their sense of independence and self-worth. Intimidating and yelling, ignoring and isolating, are all forms of elderly emotional abuse. If you suspect that your loved one is being physically or emotionally abused in their nursing home, then call Tourtlotte Law Firm right away for a free consultation. Simply dial 406-294-3400.

Elderly Financial Abuse: A side effect of getting older is that our minds aren’t quite as sharp as they once were. This can mean that some financial activities that were once easy to comprehend simply don’t make sense anymore. Scam artists prey upon our elderly loved ones because of this. Sometimes those scammers are in the very facilities we have entrusted to look after and care for our loved ones.

Cashing a check without permission is financial fraud. Coercing documents that have financial repercussions (mortgaging a house, taking out a loan, changing the power of attorney, etc.) is financial fraud against elders. Accessing funds without authorization, overcharging for services rendered, or forging signatures can all be forms of financial fraud. And all of them are illegal.

Have you noticed that there has been more money removed from your loved one’s bank account lately? You may be witnessing elderly financial fraud, and you can put a stop to it! Call us at 406-294-3400 to begin your free consultation.

Tourtlotte Law Firm Represents our Senior Citizens

Our seniors have worked hard to take care of us, and it’s our privilege to take care of them. Matt Tourtlotte has been actively pursuing cases against those who are committing elder abuse, elder neglect, and elder fraud here in Billings, Montana. If you have knowledge or suspicion of abuse or neglect taking place against your loved one, please get in touch with us right away. Call 406-294-3400 and let us help assure that the Facility’s promise of care, comfort, and comradery are kept.

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