The Seven Types Of Elder Abuse

senior abuse lawyer billings, elder abuse lawyer billingsAbuse of senior citizens, there are seven types of abuse that seniors are exposed to and at risk of while in the care of others. Abuse of senior citizens and the elderly is a growing problem and many organizations, like the National Center on Elder Abuse, work to educate the general public and decrease the amount of abuse happening to vulnerable older people. If you suspect that elder abuse is happening to someone you know or love, contact a professional elder abuse lawyer like those at Tourtlotte Law Firm in Billings for help today.

The 7 Types Of Elder Abuse

  • Physical Abuse ? When elderly people are being physically abused, the signs may not be as noticeable on the outside. They may not have marks on their arms or bruises on their faces. Abusers are more likely to hide the abuse so that it doesn’t show on the outside. Though it may be noticeable, other signs of physical abuse could show as open wounds, sprains, dislocations, medical overdose, cuts, broken eyeglasses, and more. Abusers may keep victims from having visitors.
  • Emotional/Psychological Abuse ? Verbal abuse is a common form of elder abuse. Victims may suffer the silent treatment by caregivers, isolation, threats, harassment, bullying, and humiliation.
  • Sexual Abuse ? Elders can be at risk of any type of sexual abuse or assault. Unwanted touching, rape, coerced nudity, and battery are all forms of sexual abuse.
  • Neglect ? Failure to provide the right type of care is neglect. Abusive caregivers may withhold medication or give improper dosages, refuse medical care, fail to provide food or water and refuse personal safety. Many neglected elders are not given comfort, help with personal hygiene, and other essentials.
  • Self-Neglect ? Self-neglect is characterized by an individual’s failure to provide themselves with adequate care. Self-neglect is defined as an individual who is mentally competent and makes the voluntary decision to not provide himself with what he needs. He may not drink water, eat food, or practice personal hygiene.
  • Financial Abuse ? Many elderly individuals are victims of financial abuse. Because these individuals are vulnerable to fraud and being taken advantage of, people often target them in financial crimes. They may misuse or steal money, forge documents, coerce elders into signing documents like living wills, deeds, or titles, or even take valuable possessions. If this a situation you find yourself dealing with, contact an elderly abuse lawyer right away.
  • Abandonment ? When an elder is left alone without proper care and treatment ? they are victims of abandonment. Elderly people who are left alone at hospitals or in doctor’s offices, other public locations, and even in their own homes are victims of abandonment.

Elder Abuse And Neglect Lawyers In Billings

Tourtlotte Law Firm has experienced lawyers who can handle Elder Abuse/Neglect cases in Billings and can help you understand your rights. If you need help because someone you know or love has been victimized through physical abuse, financial abuse, neglect, or any other form of mistreatment, contact Tourtlotte Law Firm immediately. Taking advantage of and hurting vulnerable people is a huge cause for concern and victims deserve justice and a voice to represent them. Our professionals understand the law regarding elderly abuse and will do everything to support the elders in our community.