What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

insurance bad faith lawyer billings, insurance bad faith attorney billings, insurance claim denial lawyer billingsSigning up for insurance means that you have made a deal with an insurance company. You have agreed to pay the insurance provider for the services that they offer. These services include payments to be made on your behalf should certain circumstances arrive. Many insurance companies hold up their end of the bargain and take care of their insured’s when those circumstances arise, but some insurance companies don’t.

When an insurance company tries to make up reasons why they are not going to comply with their end of the bargain, or drag out the process for a long amount of time, they are basically breaching a contract with you and known as Insurance Bad Faith.

When Does Insurance Bad Faith Happen?

When insurance won’t pay out the money that they owe to you based off of your insurance coverage, it is typically because they don’t want to. This is a common occurrence with auto and health insurance companies. They will deny claims, cancel your policy, or wear you down by dragging the case on so long that you eventually give up. But you don’t have to! You can hire an expert insurance bad faith lawyer to help you get through your insurance claim process and get the coverage that you have already paid to receive! If you are in the Billings area, contact the experts at Tourtlotte Law Firm.

What Can I Do About Insurance Bad Faith?

When an insurance company tries to keep you from the payment/services that you are entitled to under your agreement, you have legal rights that can protect you and hold that insurance company accountable for their end of the bargain. If you have been keeping up your end and paying your insurance premiums, they are legally obligated to meet the terms that they agreed to. If not, it is time to “lawyer-up” and make the insurance company accountable.

An experienced insurance bad faith lawyer will understand the laws regarding your case, what your insurance company is legally obligated to do, and how to present your case correctly. Never sign any type of settlement or documents with an insurance company without first seeking the advice of a reputable insurance bad faith lawyer. Insurance companies will oftentimes offer settlements of much less than what is rightfully yours, just because they don’t want to pay you. Make sure you understand what your rights are before you unwittingly sign them away for much less.

Tourtlotte Law Firm in Billings has experience in many insurance bad faith cases and know how to deal with difficult insurance agencies. If you do not understand exactly what your insurance coverage is and what you are entitled to, we can help. Our primary goal is to make sure that you are given what is rightfully yours and in a proper amount of time. Don’t let your insurance agency continue playing games and trick you out of a legitimate claim. We know exactly how they try to get out of having to pay claims and are always prepared to take them on and win!

If you think that you are a victim of insurance bad faith – be sure to contact us. We will help you understand your insurance claim, your rights and obligations, and your insurance agencies rights and obligations. We can help you if you are being victimized by your insurance company. Call us for a consultation today!