Motorcycle Accidents ? Why You Should Lawyer Up

automobile attorney billingsMore motorcycles are out on the roads at certain times of the year. Nicer weather welcomes motorcyclists who like to take their bikes out for long, leisurely rides after a cold winter. With more motorcycles on the road, more motorcycle accidents are bound to happen. Unfortunately for motorcycle riders, insurance companies don’t always want to pay claims for accidents. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to blame a motorcycle accident on the negligence of the driver.

Because of how complicated motor vehicle accidents can be ? especially when it comes to dealing with the insurance company ? it is best to contact a professional automobile attorney in Billings that can help you understand the law and your rights, and to fight back against the insurance company if necessary. This is what you can expect from an automobile attorney in Billings:

1. Initial Consultation ? You will have a chance to meet with the automobile attorney to explain how the accident happened, who was involved, and the steps that you took up to the point of meeting with them. This will allow the attorney to determine what kind of case you have or if you have one.

2. Filing Paperwork ? Any legal action requires paperwork and is on a timeline. If information is left out of the paperwork, if the right documentation is not provided, or if information is not provided in the right time frame, your case could be dismissed. An experienced attorney knows when to take which steps so that your case can move along smoothly.

3. Dealing With The Insurance Attorneys ? You may not understand your rights and the obligations of the insurance companies, but the attorney’s at Tourtlotte Law in Billings do. Experienced automobile attorneys know the tricks that the insurance companies try to do to get out of having to pay claims that they are legally entitled to. Hiring an automobile attorney can help you avoid a lengthy trial by negotiating with the insurance company and helping you reach a settlement that is fair and just.

Never sign any agreement with an insurance company without consulting with an attorney first. Insurance companies might offer settlements that are much less than you deserve to get out of having to pay the entire amount. Protect your rights and get what you are entitled to by contacting the professional automobile attorneys at Tourtlotte Law today.

Professional Automobile Attorney In Billings

If your insurance company is trying to shift the blame of the accident to you, or are arguing that they are not responsible for paying for the claim, don’t sit still. Take action now and find protection by contacting our professional team who can prove your side and help you reach a settlement with the insurance company that is fair. Motorcycle injuries can limit your ability to work, to care for family, or even yourself. You need help and the insurance company is supposed to provide it. You don’t have to be a victim of the insurance company ? get backed up by our team who can help you get what you deserve.