Handling Slip-And-Fall Accidents Legally

personal injury attorney billings, personal injury law firm billingsOne of the most probable types of personal injury lawsuits are from slip-and-fall (or trip-and-fall) accidents. A slip-and-fall accident is literally just that. Any injury is obtained by tripping over something or slipping on something. Different types of slip-and-fall accidents occur when a person is injured by stumbling over an object or stepping into a hole or off a step. Many of these accidents occur because of water or ice on the ground, but they can also happen because of poor lighting or broken/unkept flooring.

When any type of slip-and-fall injury occurs, the injured person may be entitled to compensation for the damages that a person incurs due to the accident. For example, if an injury was severe enough that it required medical attention, the injured party may be entitled to compensation to help pay past, present, and future medical expenses. If an injury kept the injured person from being able to work, compensation could be awarded for the wages lost during recovery. Compensation may also be awarded for the victim’s pain and suffering. If you have suffered a personal injury due to a slip-and-fall, it is best to contact a professional personal injury attorney to determine what your legal rights are and what you might be entitled to. If you live in the Billings area, contact the experienced lawyers at Tourtlotte Law.

What Makes Another Person Liable For My Injury?

A property owner is responsible for keeping his property safe, especially if it is a place where the people frequent such as a restaurant or store. If the property owner fails to keep the walking areas safe, they could be held somewhat responsible. Negligence of the property owner in keeping the property safe could make him at-fault for your accident. However, the injured party does bear some of the responsibility for the injury. It is important to show that reasonable attention and care was taken by the injured party while walking on a dangerous surface.

If a personal injury happens in the workplace, a personal injury case isn’t something that you can lean on. Any work-related injuries should be covered by worker’s compensation, as long as your employer is following the worker’s compensation laws. Following a work accident, be sure to immediately file a report with your employer and document the injury and any medical expenses right away to help you along with your worker’s comp claim if you end up needing one.

Billings Montana – Personal Injury Attorney

Every personal injury case is different. There are a lot of details surrounding the injury that must be accounted for. It is best to start documenting the accident right away. File a report, gather medical documents and records, keep a list of medical providers who have been helping you and any expenses related to the injury. If you are not sure what your next step is or need guidance or understanding about personal injury lawsuits, do not hesitate to reach out to the professionals at Tourtlotte Law. We are here for you