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Unfortunately in today’s society sexual harassment continues to be a common occurance in the workplace. Sexual harassment encompasses many situations including aggressive and unwanted sexual advances, non-consensual sexual interactions, and physical and verbal sexual conduct affecting your employment, creating a hostile or offensive work environment, or interfering with your performance at work. Any and all of these scenarios are wrong, and illegal and can leave the victim feeling humiliated. If you are a victim of sexual harassment, don’t hesitate to seek representation. Call Attorney Matt Tourtlotte at 406-294-3400.

Workplace Harassment
There are two categories that encompass workplace sexual harassment:

  1. Quid Pro Quo harassment is when a superior may offer promotion or other considerations in exchange of sexual favors or acts. Sexual extortion is when a supervisor blackmails an employee with threats to the employee’s job or title.
  2. Hostile Work environment is where the organizational culture is at issue versus a specific event. The conduct would be considered severe or pervasive enough to create an intimidating, hostile or abusive work environment.

Harassment is typically a series of repeated acts which interfere with the work performance of a reasonable person. Examples may include slurs, assaults, threats, ridicule or insensitive display of pictures or offensive jokes. However, isolated events can fall under this purview if the harassing behavior is egregious or offensive.

Tourtlotte Law Firm is a top firm in the area providing representation on a wide variety of topics. Let us help you when you’ve been violated following sexual harassment. Our firm offers a free initial consultation to see how we can help you. You don’t need to fight this alone, we have helped many victims of sexual harassment get the justice and compensation they deserve. We will not rest until you are given justice. If you are a victim of sexual harassment, call the best sexual harassment lawyer in Billings today. Call Matt Tourtlotte at 406-294-3400.