Sexual Harassment And When You Need A Lawyer

sexual harassment lawyer billings, sexual harassment attorney billings, sexual harassment billingsSexual harassment often goes unreported in the workplace. Some employees don’t want to create a problem in the work environment. Some are afraid that by standing up for themselves, they might risk losing employment. Some employees just aren’t certain if ?casual advances and immature jokes? are really considered harassment. All of these people are left in an awkward and uncomfortable position in their workplaces that they shouldn’t be. When this type of situation arises, contact a professional sexual harassment lawyer in Billings to understand your rights.

How A Sexual Harassment Lawyer Can Help You

The majority of the time a sexual harassment situation arises, the victim doesn’t really know what they want to do or if they are going to do anything. What they are looking for is answers to dozens of questions.

  • Are they experiencing sexual harassment?
  • Are they responding the right way to the person harassing them?
  • Are there more steps that they need to take that they aren’t taking?
  • Are they supposed to report situations to their employer and if so when? How often?

These questions are all valid questions and without answers, any victim of sexual harassment is lost. By contacting an attorney that specializes in sexual harassment lawsuits, you can learn your rights, understand what steps need to be taken, and take action as you see fit after you are educated. In Billings, you can trust the discrete and reliable attorneys at Tourtlotte Law Firm.

Seeking Help Before Reporting Sexual Harassment

By seeking help from a lawyer before reporting sexual harassment, you are preparing yourself by understanding the law. Not every aggressive or offensive comment in the workplace is considered sexual harassment. A qualified sexual harassment lawyer can help you determine if what you are experiencing is, in fact, sexual harassment in the eyes of the law and can help you determine your next moves in reporting the harassment to your workplace. For example, the harasser may be your boss, so going to them to report the abuse is obviously out. An experienced attorney can help you figure out who you should go to and can help you map out your report. With an outlined account of the details, you can beat nerves and fear by having relevant information (and all of it) mapped out and ready.

Protect Yourself With The Help Of An Attorney

While going through a sexual harassment claim in the workplace, you want to make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to protect yourself. That means documenting all conversations with your employer, dealing with the harasser, reporting future harassment, monitoring your employer’s response, making sure that retaliation doesn’t happen.

Understanding What Happens Next

Because there are several steps in a sexual harassment claim and investigation, you may feel overwhelmed and possibly like giving up. An attorney that is experienced in sexual harassment claims can help you understand why certain proceedings must happen, reassure you that everything is normal, and help you maintain confidence through a tough time.

You are entitled to a safe and enjoyable workplace. If you are not getting that because of suspected sexual harassment, contact the professional lawyers at Tourtlotte Law Firm today!