What Does A Workers Compensation Attorney Do?

workers compensation attorney billings, worker's compensation attorney billings, workers comp attorney billingsThink about worker’s compensation attorneys like personal injury attorneys. They help individuals get compensated for injuries. For workers compensation attorneys, the focus is on injuries that happen in the workplace. If you were injured on the job, worker’s compensation may be responsible for compensating you for financial losses due to missed work time, medical expenses and personal pain and suffering damages caused by the injury. To determine whether or not you qualify for worker’s compensation in Billings, contact the professional attorneys at Tourtlotte law Firm.

When Should I Seek Legal Help?

If you have work-related injuries, you should contact an experienced workers comp lawyer and discuss your particular situation. There are limitations of worker’s compensation and to be sure you qualify and have a case you should consult with an attorney. If your situation warrants worker’s compensation benefits, a hired attorney will help you proceed with a case and fight for your rights.

Common workplace injuries include:

  • Falls and trips
  • Injuries from lifting
  • Strains from repetitive movement
  • Automobile injuries
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Eye injuries
  • Burns

Worker’s compensation attorneys are not limited to taking cases for just these types of injuries, but these are the more common injuries that workers compensation cases are built on.

*If you miss work or end up at the hospital for medical help, you should always consider consulting with an attorney that can help you from the beginning. Worker’s compensation lawyers can also be contacted if a family member has a work-related death.

Worker’s compensation may offer you a settlement or agree to some terms of compensation. Never sign anything without consulting with an attorney. You may be entitled to more than workers comp is offering and signing a settlement will keep you from getting a benefit that is rightfully yours.

Do not let a work-related injury carry on overtime before speaking to an attorney. In a worker’s compensation case, you are going to have to provide medical documents, financial documents, and work-related documents to prove the extent of the injury, the cost, missed work time, and pain and suffering. As soon as an injury occurs, file a statement with your company’s HR department. If you are taken to a hospital, keep track of your visits, medical records, and any financial payments made or debt incurred. This includes prescription medications, durable medical equipment (walking support, etc), emergency visits, doctor visits, medical follow-ups, chiropractor visits, etc.

Experienced Worker’s Compensation Attorney In Billings

In Billings, Tourtlotte Law Firm has successfully represented individuals seeking workers compensation benefits for different types of work-related injuries. You do not have to agree to a settlement that may not be fair and you do not have to accept a denied worker’s compensation claim. You can fight it. Contact the professional team at Tourtlotte Law Firm to discuss your unique situation and get an assessment to determine if you have a case that is worth fighting. Our team is prepared to fight for you. Are you?